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Growing a Strong Community

As a social media expert based in Stockholm, Sweden, we are dedicated to helping businesses build strong communities on various platforms.

Engaging and Impactful Content

Our bilingual site offers resources and tips for businesses looking to create impactful and engaging content on social media.

Making a Difference Through Public Affairs

At, we believe in using our expertise in social media to make a difference in the world.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Our team is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and we believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive space in everything we do. – Your Go-To Consulting Website

Empower your social media engagement and make a difference through public affairs with

Create a strong online community through engaging, AI-driven posts

With our expertise in social media and AI tools, we can help your business build a thriving online community. Our focus on building community sets us apart and ensures that your brand is making a difference in the digital world.

Consulting Services

Expert consulting services in social media strategy, content creation, and public affairs.

Building a Strong Online Community

Engaging Content Creation

Using AI to Boost Your Strategy

Making a Difference through Public Affairs Consulting

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Hear from our satisfied clients!

I have seen a significant improvement in my social media presence and engagement since hiring Millington for their consulting services. I highly recommend their expertise to anyone looking to make a mark in the online world.

Emily Jones

XYZ Corp

I had struggled to build a strong online community for my business, but Millington helped me not only achieve that, but also taught me valuable strategies for engaging with my followers.

John Smith

ABC Company

Working with Millington has been a game changer for my public affairs campaigns. Their use of AI technology and unique insights have helped me make a real difference in advocating for causes I care about.

Sarah Evans

DEF Organization

Our Valued Clients

Proudly serving top brands and businesses in Sweden.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the core business of is a consulting company with a focus on social media expertise and making a difference through public affairs, with a specific focus on autism and ADHD.

  • What topics does specialize in?

We specialize in topics such as building online communities, creating engaging social media posts, and utilizing AI for marketing and outreach purposes.

  • How can help my business?

At, we offer a range of consulting services to help businesses of all sizes improve their social media presence and engagement.

  • What languages are available on the website?

Our website is available in both Swedish and English, reflecting our bilingual and international approach to consulting.

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