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Black and white photoshot taken from the left of Jiang's head in profile. She has her hair up and is standing in front of a winddow where the sun is shining frm the back of her head.

📍Have you ever wondered how to create a thriving online community?
📍Are you seeking collaboration with a dynamic Communications and Social Media Director with a passion for making a difference?
📍Do you believe in the power of effective communication and social media to empower individuals?

🦉I am a driven professional with a strong foundation in communication, digital marketing, law, forensics, and crisis communication, backed by continues academic studies.

⚜️In addition to my academic achievements, I bring over 35 years of leadership experience gained from various sectors, including politics, NGOs, business, and board assignments.

💪🏽I hope to inspire by being open about my life to show that even in the most trying of circumstances, through empowering others we empower ourselves. I want to transform struggle into a call to action and pain into fuel for progress. I call for a world where all people – particularly those most marginalized – can belong, be their full selves and make their unique contribution.

💚If you are seeking a passionate and experienced Communications and Social Media Director who can drive lasting change, connect with me. Together, let’s leverage the power of effective communication and social media strategies to create a more inclusive and equitable world.


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